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About Our Company

Indian Ocean Trading is a family of professionals, striving for the promotion of knowledge regarding all types of sea food. Our large collection of sea food ensures that we provide the best products, thanks to our professionals and the whole team behind research and development. Our faith is that sea food is a privilege, which must be promoted and respected in every manner.

Our journey started in 2010 at Kochi, the sea food capital of India. After seven years, we expanded our base to Andhra Pradesh, which happens to be one of the largest of Vannamie shrimps and prawns. We aim to keep expanding our business with the help of our customers, so that the industry draws close to a brighter future. Getting you the right supplier, brand, market and quality after an extensive analysis of your needs. You can relax when it comes to our various tests on sea food, as they are top-of-the-line and completely dependable.


The sea food industry is pretty volatile. There are a very few number of service providers left on which you can invest your trust. It is our dream to give each and every one accurate information and products of all varieties of sea food, to promote knowledge and growth of the sector. We believe in forging relationships, not just making sales, and our customers play a central role in assisting us to realize this vision into a reality.

Not just customers, but also fishermen are crucial to our initiative’s success. By providing them with up-to-date knowledge regarding the practices and habits, we hope to steer the sea food industry towards a better future. At Indian Ocean Trading, we believe in synergy with all our partnerships so that a sustainable environment will be built.