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Import seafood from India

Fish is mainly exported from India. There are lot many companies that import seafood from India. Different variety of seafood is provided by several companies. You get good quality of seafood that is fresh and edible. Generally what the companies do is, they sort out which seafood is more prompt and has the highest supply in a particular region and sell according to the needs of the buyer.

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It is our dream to give each and every one accurate information and products of all varieties of sea food, to promote knowledge and growth of the sector.

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We believe in forging relationships, not just making sales, and our customers play a central role in assisting us to realize this vision into a reality.

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India Ocean Trading is a family of professionals, striving for the promotion of knowledge regarding all types of sea food. Our large collection of sea food ensures that we provide the best products, thanks to our professionals and the whole team behind research and development. Our faith is that sea food is a privilege, which must be promoted and respected in every manner.

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We continually review ourselves as a single product supply team to create ways for our products to flow effortlessly from our company to our customers.

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Top seafood exporters in India

India was ranked as one of the top seafood exporters according to the survey of 2016. As, India exported near about 438,500 tones of seafood in 2016 which were directed to the US market. By adding value to its business India is moving towards the second phase of growth. Because when a country grows the demand for species automatically rises and people more buy from the developed country. Although there are multiple factors behind the growth of India but one of the major factors is that it is the biggest exporter of seafood.

How healthy is seafood?

Seafood has always been counted as an important part of human diets and is also considered as the major source of economic value. Aquaculture includes products like fish, molluscs, and other products. Seafood is a primary source of protein for millions of people. But you might be thinking, what are the benefits of eating seafood for maintaining our health. Although, there are various reasons behind the goodness of eating seafood. As it provides more protein and contains less amount of fat than any other animal protein sources.

People who have heart problems can eat seafood products because it is low in cholesterol which is really good for heart health. Seafood is rich in minerals like potassium, zinc, and iodine and also rich in vitamin B. Nutritionists and dietitians also advice their patients to add seafood products in their diet flow chart to remain healthy. It has been reported that by eating seafood many people prevent from deaths due to heart disease every year.

Seafood is divided into various categories and is consumed by people all over the world. However, it does not matter which type of seafood you consume as all types of seafood are full of nutrients which are a great source to health and energy.

India being a leading seafood exporter

Goa, is among one of the places where seafood is more prominent. And India is a leading supplier of seafood all over the world. Within few years the top seafood exporters in India have touched great heights. From degrading in the business of top seafood exporters in India upgraded in shrimp export business by 17% between 2012 and 2016. With an increase in the production of seafood India has not seen a shortfall again. And demand for shrimp is making India a leading seafood exporter.

Shrimp is a type of seafood rich in vitamin A and vitamin D. And prawns are similar to shrimp as they have a lot in common but these both are different aquatic animals. Both shrimps and prawns can be found in salt as well as fresh water. But more shrimps are found in salt water and prawns are found in fresh water.

In India, there are lot of seafood industries which export seafood products worldwide. These industries export quality seafood products to countries in the South Asia, Far East, Middle East and that is why India is considered to be the top exporter of seafood.

Seafood exporters in Kerala

Kerala accounts for 36,000 sq. km marine water spread and about almost 3600 sq km of inland water bodies, which makes it rank as the largest fish landing state in the peninsular India. Due to this reason, seafood exporters in Kerala is high and it also gives most essential part of the cuisine of Kerala. It is rightly said that, being in Kerala if you do not consume seafood with each and every meal of the day, it is useless paying a visit. Kerala is very much famous for its seafood and it is best if you try it at local shops near the beaches.

Some popular types of seafood served in Kerala includes shrimp, silver bellies, cuttlefish, mussels, etc. Mussels are more prominent and all-time favorite seafood of people in Kerala. You can get ā€˜nā€™ number of exporters but all you need to ensure is that are they serving you with the best quality of seafood, is it fresh or not? You can really get a lot of variety of seafood in Kerala as there are many seafood exporters that export seafood in Kerala. Some of them also provide frozen seafood. Generally, the main seafood that they provide are octopus, loligo squid, cuttlefish, needle squid, semi- needle squid, etc.

Many of the exporters provide you with the best quality of seafood that is fresh and feels good to be eaten. Shrimps are basically the most sellable seafood and generates much money as it is much preferred by people. The seafood exporters in Kerala also supply there products at the competitive price.

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Fish Exporting Company from India

India is leading in exporting seafood products all over world. And in 2020, fish export from India will touch the record from seven lakh tones to one million tones. And fish is also a seafood product. Fish is a vital source of protein which boosts up your brain with rich nutrients. Eating seafood prevents near about 54,000 deaths from heart disease every year, says the research. While choosing seafood product always make sure that they are sustainable which means that they are caught in eco-friendly way.